Hi, I'm Eric McConkie

I am a software engineer and here are a few of my competencies:

  • iOS: I’ve been programing with iOS since the first SDKs were released.
  • Frontend: I am fluent with the expected HTML/CSS/ Javascript founded in most developers today.
  • Backend: I also have extensive experience with PHP and Ruby on Rails.

I've had the privilege of working on projects for clients of all caliber; from large business & corporation , to small independent shops, I treat all my work with the same enthusiasm and passion. As an independent engineer I have a great appreciation and respect for business matters, timelines, deadlines, and the occasional punchline.

Most of what I've been doing recently will be detailed in my resume and in my portfolio.

If you would like to make contact, please find a form here.

*Bicycle designed by Jeremy J Bristol from The Noun Project