Eric McConkie

  Software Engineer

- Experience

  • Grio - Software Engineer (2018 - Present)
  • Independent Software Engineer (2013 - 2017)
  • Grio- Senior Software Engineer (2011-2013)
  • Loomisgroup (2006-2011) Mobile / Senior Software Engineer, Loomis Labs
  • Backroads (2000-06) Logistics & Transportation

- Past Projects

Poynt HQ - Poynt HQ is an iOS application for merchants of Poynt that allows users to consume the latest data about their business for optimizing best practices.

Simmer by Panna Simmer is an iOS application for foodies, bloggers, chefs, or food lovers of any kind wanting to share expertise in how to cook or prepare food. The application uses several technologies to bring together a native and fast experience to users wanting to view step by step videos enabling each to work along with a chef. Users can also participate by uploading their own videos and recipe details using the Simmer recipe editor.

CPA Exam Flashcards Part two for the iOS CPA exam review suite by Roger CPA Review. This application allows users to “master” common and necessary terms of the accountant’s career with an easy and intuitive UI. Core Data and UIKit drive the application. StoreKit enables users to upgrade any given section. more info Trainr is the OpenTable for personal trainers where end users can find and hire a trainer based on fitness goals or needs. By using several criteria (from location to price) the system can generate a list of trainers in its database. The application is built with Ruby on Rails, driven by AngularJS and HTML5 frontend

CPA Exam MC Question Application for iOS CPA exam review. The application uses core data to help the end user study ~10k questions. Users can bookmark questions for further review, access past quizzes and review statistics per quiz to better understand improving competency. more info

Bartspy(2016 - iPhone/Android) A BART train notification utility app that monitors a user’s current geo-fence in relation to BART stations of interest…most generally near work and home. The application will tell the user about trains arriving in real time, based on criteria defined with a one time easy setup. iTunes store. [StoreKit, UIKit, Core Graphics, Mapkit, Corelocation]

Odyssey Adventure Club(2013 - iPhone) Odyssey Adventure Club Built for Focus on the Family, the application delivers videos, podcasts, and adventure quests to subscribers of the adventure club using a custom API and backend. [UIKit, Core Graphics,Core Data, AVFoundation]

Tech Talk - In App Purchases Video link | Presentation Notes: I was asked to share my experience and give an overview/“how to” talk on Apple’s In-app purchases for iOS. A demo application and slides were shared to enhance the talk. - Angular.js/HTML5/CSS3/RoR) Using Angular, CSS3, and loads of other tricks, worked with a team of engineers building the HTML5 client for Outbids auction entry point

Frientroid(2012 - iPhone) An application that finds a “fair” halfway point for multiple coordinates. After finding the point, it utilizes Yelp (or Google Places) to suggest a meeting place. Users can “weigh” the center point based on modes of transportation or group sizes within which they may be traveling. Frientroid can be downloaded from the iTunes store. [UIKit, Core Graphics, Mapkit, Corelocation]

Properties In Victoria(2011 - iPhone) An application for the real estate agency Properties in Victoria Professionals. The application utilizes a live “featured properties” feed to promote current properties available in Victoria. Among other features are a YouTube virtual tours gallery, open house listings, and a map set to describe the different regions of Victoria. The application can be downloaded from the iTunes store. [UIKit, Core Graphics]

Tour of California (2010- iPhone) real-time coverage of the Amgen Tour of California 2010. GPS point to point coverage of the peloton, chase , and lead groups - mapping route display custom map overlays- team rosters, play by play ticker, stage profile graphs, and updates from the VeloNews press feed for live events.[Backend: PHP(CakePhP) & MySQL][ uikit, addressbook, core graphics, core data, core location, mapkit]

OhCanada (2010 - iPhone) tracking current events, schedules, and medals for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. [Backend: PHP & MySQL ][uikit,core graphics, core location, mapkit]

Snoozzr (2011 - iPhone) Location based alarm application to notify travelers when arriving to a destination. User sets the desired distance by which they would like to be notified, and Snoozzr tracks the progress, notifying the user when inside the radius of declared distance. Snoozzr also uses a custom API written by our team for Muni services (tracking user’s current stop and stop options). Snoozzr is available at the iTunes Store [UIKit, AddressBook, Core Data, Core Graphics, Core Location, MapKit]

LoomisGroup iPad Reader(2011 - iPad) An internal tool used as content delivery for clients, this dynamic iPad reader uses a CoreGraphics engine , CoreData data model, and event driven PureMVC. Calling to an exteranl API for fresh content, users could read online, or offline from HTML5 to PDF[Key frameworks: ]UIKit, AddressBook, Core Graphics, Core Data]

VeloVoyeur (2009 - iPhone) covering the UCI pro cycling circuit offering team rosters, rider snapshots, the pro/continental calendar, race results, a collection of epic /famous climbs, Twitter feeds from the various participants or events in the industry - [Backend: PHP(CakePhP) & MySQL ][uikit,core graphics,core location, mapkit]

- Education

  • College: Seattle Pacific University (1991-95): Bachelor of Arts - English