I got really tired of riding my bike to BART and not really knowing how much time I had between locking up, and getting to the platform. I found it unacceptable to have to unlock my phone, fumble around to find a BART app, enter my travel details, and wait for a schedule. By the time I had accomplished these tasks, a train was well on its way to the platform. And, nothing is worse than hearing the train doors closing as you are running up the stairs. Had you just picked up the pace a wee bit before, you wouldn’t have to wait another 15-30 mins for a train.

Enter BartSpy - the tiny utility who notifies you about those incoming trains without you having to ask. Just tell BartSpy the stations you frequent and the direction you care about; Bartspy does the rest. Using geo-fencing, Bartspy waits till you are at a desired distance from the station, then gets your schedule, and pops it upon your lock screen….Run? Walk? The rest is up to you.

Both version of the application are written in native Java (Android) or Swift (iOS). You can check it out at the App Store or Google Play